The Pitch (241)

Filler Information

Now, one thing that is obvious i need to go ahead and fill in the missing information that was omitted due to necessity of the video being only 2 minutes long so here we go.

A short timeline of the series of events:

If it were up to me i’d start right away on getting some content going through the channel I’ve selected (reddit). but once approved expect to see at least 3-4 posts every week showing off my collection and buys (if i able to given the current corona situation). viewing the feedback i get from my posts and making a report based on the findings.

Every week up until the end of the semester 3-4 posts on reddit. showing off my photos of my collection or there in parts of it.

Every week up until the final report a blog post on my weekly findings explaining the overall feeling of the posts and feedback as mentioned earlier.

Within these weeks the data that i will have collected will be consolidated into a field map broken off into several sections explaining my findings on my given topic among other things in the final report. Hopefully into how my audience enjoys the work and to also how i can use my experience gained from these activities to hopefully be translated into portfolio of work for potential employers for instance.

The ethics

the ethics behind my work are pretty easy and straightforward to understand. Nothing rude (obviously). And more importantly to strictly stick to my work and my work alone. As given the nature of this task wandering and drifting off tangent from your work isn’t ideal.

But other than that this is a short rundown of what to expect with this idea. It is open to change and will be detailed accordingly, but to conclude i hope i do stick with this as it is something i thoroughly enjoy.


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